Burst Of Fire

Oh, for that burst of fire, 

within a ring of feeling, the 

fire of love consummate

For the overpowering desire, 

the desire for fire, the living 

feeling like a being alive 

Seizing, overpowering its victim, 

unifying all rivulets of desire in a 

flaming quagmire, burning alive

Inflamed in an all-consuming, over-

powering desire, torturing, tortuous, 

delightful, delicious, destruction of 

All restraint, instinctual seizure, 

instincts alive in burning desire, 

aflame, alight, lighted, lightning

Shocking, deft retreat, hynotised, 

frozen fire, desire alight, aflame – 

in love consummate

Submitting to fire, sparkling, blowing 

apart, insensate, desire satiate, briefly, 

evolving upon the new knowing

Kindling upon new experience, stirring 

memories ancient, increasing instinctual 

release, a never-ending spiral 

Flaming higher, desire awakened anew, 

flaming higher, insatiate, a force uncontained, 

unrestrained, joyous submission, peaking 

Peaking, growing forever ascending, a 

spiraling curve of growing explosions

until melting together forever… 

-Louise Tredoux 

Art: Redhead by Jonathan David Matthews


I have wanted to kill myself a hundred times, but somehow I am still in love with life. This ridiculous weakness is perhaps one of our most melancholy propensities; for is there anything more stupid than to be eager to go on carrying a burden which one would gladly throw away, to loathe one’s very being and yet to hold fast, to fondle the snake that devours us until it has eaten our hearts away?

-Voltaire, Candide

Art by Gary Bonner*

Shyness is a curious thing, because, like quicksand, it can strike people at any time, and also, like quicksand, it usually makes its victims look down.

A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Austere Academy by Lemony Snicket.