Burst Of Fire

Oh, for that burst of fire, 

within a ring of feeling, the 

fire of love consummate

For the overpowering desire, 

the desire for fire, the living 

feeling like a being alive 

Seizing, overpowering its victim, 

unifying all rivulets of desire in a 

flaming quagmire, burning alive

Inflamed in an all-consuming, over-

powering desire, torturing, tortuous, 

delightful, delicious, destruction of 

All restraint, instinctual seizure, 

instincts alive in burning desire, 

aflame, alight, lighted, lightning

Shocking, deft retreat, hynotised, 

frozen fire, desire alight, aflame – 

in love consummate

Submitting to fire, sparkling, blowing 

apart, insensate, desire satiate, briefly, 

evolving upon the new knowing

Kindling upon new experience, stirring 

memories ancient, increasing instinctual 

release, a never-ending spiral 

Flaming higher, desire awakened anew, 

flaming higher, insatiate, a force uncontained, 

unrestrained, joyous submission, peaking 

Peaking, growing forever ascending, a 

spiraling curve of growing explosions

until melting together forever… 

-Louise Tredoux 

Art: Redhead by Jonathan David Matthews


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